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Powerful APP

Our Latipay App provides merchants with a fully responsive and mobile payment portal. This is a great way of accepting payments and sending invoices because it can be used on any Apple or Android device. It's simple, clear and easy to use.

The functions are set to streamline your sales process - whether your customer is in the same room as you or in another country entirely - the process is instant.

Upon entering in an amount to be paid a unique QR code is generated on-screen. You can have your customer scan this QR code to make the payment instantly or you can either email it directly or send it through to your customer via WeChat. Once the payment is made you will receive instant notification.





LatiPay offers a complete e-commerce integration solution. This gives your customers the opportunity to pay directly on your website by simply clicking a 'WeChat Pay' or 'Alipay' button at checkout. Our solution is 100% secure, responsive and, at the request of the merchant, can be customised to suit their particular branding/style.



We prepare the best solutions for everyone, such as APP, E-COMMERCE, etc. Whether you are a individual Daigou or a Wanghong. Choosing us means choosing success.Whether you are in any country, any region. By using our services, you can quickly and securely collect currency and convert freely on your mobile phone or other devices.



LatiPay is a financial service provider and a strategic management advisory firm working with a diverse range of industries in emerging markets.LatiPay is committed to supplying a money transfer service for import and export trading of currencies to assist with our clients overseas business developments and investments. With 14 transactional currencies on offer we aim to globalize the use of internet banking. All transactions are secure and compliant with anti-money laundering and legislative restrictions.Efficiency is valued and depending on your chosen currency, we offer T+1 to T+3 days.


“I didn’t realize how I could manage everything in one place when I was so used to logging in and out of multiple platforms!”
— Leovine | Adsclusive Lab

Powering payments for leading brands