About Us

LatiPay (a subsidiary of Latitude Technologies LTD) is an alternative payments financial technology company. Our platform provides both on-line and off-line solutions for all merchants.

The LatiPay platform allows Chinese payers to pay for goods and services with CNY (Chinese Yuan) whilst our New Zealand/Australian business receives full payment directly in their home currency in real time, at no cost to the business.

Chinese payers can make payment through their preferred online banks or their WeChat, Alipay, JD Pay and Baidu wallets, whilst pay in their preferred currency of CNY.

We solve the significant complexity of cross-border CNY payment within the education, export, insurance, software and travel verticals.

LatiPay is a 100% Chinese Government approved S.A.F.E (State Administration Of Foreign Exchange) platform. We have partnered with PWC and Duncan Cotterill to ensure KYC, CFT and AML compliance are the cornerstones of our business.

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