How does LATIPAY work?

The LATIPAY payment gateway is a compliant payment platform that allows currency to be transferred from CNY to NZD.

New Zealand merchants, exporters, education and travel providers can send invoices and payment requests to Chinese clients, provide shipping updates and tracking information, track payments made by clients in China and at the end of a transaction, receive a payment in New Zealand dollars directly into their New Zealand bank account.

Chinese payers, businesses, students, travellers and consumers can pay for goods, study, flights or experiences in CNY using AliPay, WeChat JD Pay or one of 19 compliant online banks using LATIPAY’S online payment gateway.

To use the LATIPAY payment gateway, users must firstly have a verified LATIPAY account.










What types of LATIPAY account are available and which is best for me?

There are two types of LATIPAY account, a ‘registered account’ and a ‘verified account’.

Users who have a registered account are limited to making payments via the LATIPAY payment gateway upon request by a verified user. Registered users do not need to go through the verification process, but can only use their account to make payments in a limited capacity.

Users who have a verified account can utilise all of LATIPAY’S functions by sending payment requests, making payments to any bank account of their choice and withdrawing money from their LATIPAY e-wallet.

Becoming a verified user is simple. For more information, read below.










How do I create a LATIPAY account?

It's easy! To open a LATIPAY account, all you need is an active email address and a phone number.







How do I become a verified user?

Verified users can utilise all of LATIPAY’S functions and features.

To become a verified user, you must provide us with the following:

  • A colour copy of a valid official identification document (e.g. passport, national identity card or drivers licence).
  • Proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement which has been issued in the last three months.
  • Any other documentation that the LATIPAY team may require in some cases.

After the above documentation has been received, it will take approximately 2 working days for your account to become approved and verified.

Do you want to become a verified user?





  • 一份有效的官方身份证件的彩色副本 (比如,护照、身份证或驾照)
  • 一份地址证明,必须是近三个月内的水电气账单,或银行签发的任何带有地址的文件 (比如说近三个月内的带有地址的转账记录)
  • 在其它一些情况下,LATIPAY团队所需要的文件。






I have forgotten my username. How do I retrieve this?

If you have forgotten your username, please contact the LATIPAY customer service team here.

If you have forgotten your password, please follow our password retrieval process from the LOGIN page.



如果您遗失了您的用户名,请 联系 LATIPAY的客服团队

如果您遗失了您的登录密码,请在登陆页面遵循指示来找回您的密码。请在 登录 页面遵循指示来找回您的密码。




What should I do if my account has been locked for security reasons?

If your account has been restricted for security reasons, this usually means that we need more information about you or about a recent transaction you have instructed. To get the restriction lifted, you may be asked to verify your identity by providing proof of your identity.

Please contact the LATIPAY customer service team to reactivate your account.