How do I create a LATIPAY account?

It's easy! To open a LATIPAY account, all you need is an active email address and a phone number.

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How much does it cost to create a LATIPAY account?

Creating a LATIPAY account is free of charge! What's more is that we charge no fees and no commission!

How do I send money via the LATIPAY payment gateway?

As a registered user, you can follow a payment request link from another LATIPAY user to finish a payment.

You can also create a payment, but you will need to complete the verification process first. it’s easy to verify your account.

To create a payment, you need the following details for the person you are paying:

  • LATIPAY user id/email address/mobile; or
  • If the person you are paying is not a LATIPAY user, recognised merchant bank account details are needed.



Payments can be made via online banking, JD Pay, WeChat or Alipay.



How much does it cost to collect or send money?

It is free to collect and send money via the LATIPAY payment gateway. If however, you are using an external payment provider to feed the money into your LATIPAY account, these payment providers may charge a small fee.

How can I withdraw funds from my LATIPAY account?

Verification may be required before your first withdrawal or at a later stage, depending on your account status and the verifications you have previously completed.

We know that these security procedures can be inconvenient, but they are there to ensure we are sending the funds to the right recipient.

How long will it take for LATIPAY to process my withdrawal?

If you withdraw your funds to a new account, it needs to be verified first. The verification process takes up to two working days.


If you withdraw your funds to a verified account:

  • Your withdrawal request will take 1-3 working days to process.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my LATIPAY account?

There are no limitations on the amount you can withdraw from your LATIPAY account. The annual USD $50,000 cap does not apply when sending money via the LATIPAY payment gateway.

Who can I send money to with LATIPAY?

Money can be sent via the LATIPAY payment gateway to both registered LATIPAY users, and individuals who do not have a LATIPAY account.

Are there any limits applied on payments?

When using the LATIPAY payment gateway, there is a CNY ¥200,000 cap for each payment, and maximum USD $200,000 for each month.

When using other payment gateways to make payments, the maximum amount you can send is limited by different banks based on their own policies.


How long does it take for the person I am paying to receive the money?

When paying to your payee’s LATIPAY's e-wallet:

  • Once the transaction documents have been verified, the money will be paid immediately.

When paying to a non-LATIPAY members bank account:

  • Once the transaction documents have been verified, the payment will take 1-3 days to process the settlement.

* Verification of transaction documents may take up to 48 hours.

My payment status appears as failed. What does this mean?

Rejected payment statuses usually refer to failure in uploading the required transaction documents. If this happens, please contact the LATIPAY customer service team.