We prepare the best solutions for everyone, such as APP, E-COMMERCE, etc. Whether you are a individual Daigo or a Wanghong. Choosing us means choosing success.

for example,In the online retailing business model, e-commerce-based wanghong use social media platform to sell their self-branded products to potential buyers among their followers via Chinese customer to customer C2C website, such as TaoBao. Celebrities work as their own shops’ models by posting pictures or videos of themselves, wearing the clothes or accessories they sell, or giving distinctive makeup or fashion tips.Chinese e-commerce internet celebrities play a role as key opinion leaders (KOLs) in online retailing. Wanghong’s fashions and lifestyles are favored by their followers. Their followers think that they can look like Wanghong if they put on their products or similar make-up. It enables their followers become their most loyal consumers.

The basement of social media advertising is content and it belongs to Wanghong Economy.Wanghong also called internet celebrities, they use free high quality original information to attract netizens attention and change the habitats of people gaining information. Those internet celebrities have broken the monopoly of traditional media, they have thousands of followers who are willing to receive and believe the information from internet celebrities.

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