We have made invoicing easy by providing payment and invoice tracking on a single platform, servicing all your Chinese B2B and BCB transactions for quick cross-border settlement of funds. 

To make a payment request or send an invoice, simply follow the steps below:



Once logged into your LATIPAY account, click Request Money > Request.


STEP 2. 

Populate the amount you would like to request for payment, in either NZD or CNY.

At this stage, you must also provide a description of the service or product that the payment relates to.


STEP 3. 

The following details must be included in the transaction request:

  • Payer Details - Add the payers first and last name, email address and mobile phone number.
  • Transaction Reference - For your own records, here you can enter a transaction reference.
  • Identification Documents - This is an optional field. If your payer has provided you with their national ID details, please enter them here.
  • Attachments - Attach the transaction invoice and shipping documents to your transaction to complete the compliance and regulation requirements.



STEP 4. 

Once all the required transaction information is complete, the payer will receive an email that includes a URL or web address that they can click to complete the payment.