The LatiPay payment gateway is the first innovative software of its kind, aimed solely at bridging the gap between China and New Zealand.

Our goal? To deliver the tools to expand economic links and grow trade by allowing currency to be seamlessly transacted cross border.

We believe that consumers in China and businesses in New Zealand should be privileged with mutually beneficial, simple and efficient access to technology that allows trade to flourish. LATIPAY is designed to help. 

The LATIPAY payment gateway is compliant in both China and New Zealand, is low risk, does not charge any fees or commission and allows currency to flow in excess of the annual Chinese currency cap of US$50,000.

Our payment gateway is built for the benefit of two distinct groups of users: 


New Zealand merchants, exporters, education and travel providers can send invoices and payment requests to Chinese clients, provide shipping updates and tracking information, track payments made by clients in China and at the end of a transaction, receive a payment in NZD directly into their New Zealand bank account.


Chinese payers, businesses, students, travellers and consumers can pay for goods, services study, flights or experiences in CNY using AliPay, WeChat JD Pay or one of 19 compliant online banks using the LATIPAY payment gateway.














“We’re proud to have built a product that makes trading with China easier for all New Zealand businesses regardless of their size”

-  LATIPAY'S CEO Leigh Flounders

"Winning an ANZIA award is testament to showing real innovation and being ahead of the game”

-  Internet NZ’s Megan Baker


"Backed by US businessman Jim Rogers, LATIPAY is a bi-lingual platform addressing Chinese and New Zealand payer and merchant dissatisfaction within the education, export, insurance, software and travel markets"